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The years spent by a student in the Primary section are a vital stage of his growth and development. They are truly the years of creativity and spirit of adventure. It sets the foundation of life long learning.
We at CIS constantly strive to provide a happy and stimulating experience to our students. We impart knowledge through audio – visual aid (Class edge – Smart class) role play and play way method.
CIS approach to C.C.E is “If the student is not learning the way we are teaching, we will impart knowledge in the way he wants to learn”. In this way we provide enriching learning experiences and bring about their holistic development.

The new process of evaluation will be continuous and spread over the entire academic year. It will be “Comprehensive” as it will cover both the scholastic and co scholastic aspects of students growth and development. Scholastic areas will be based on the academics including Art and Physical Education. Co scholastic areas will refer to life skills, participation in activities and personality development.

This modified method of evaluation will be child centered Activity. It will encourage and enable the student to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of every day life.
Various activities, competitions and workshops are interspersed with academics to showcase the hidden talents of the students. They are given hands on experience with various activities like thumb printing, vegetable printing, pencil stand, clock and mask making , making cartoon characters with geometrical shapes they have learnt. In the field of sports physical development we have professionals to train students in basket ball, archery, judo, karate.
We periodically take our students for educational excursions to places like the traffic signal park, a visit to the post office, fire station, chokhi dhani, pawan hans. Thus we try to give first hand knowledge to our students. Students are also taken on a one day picnic.
We celebrate festivals of India. Through this celebration we try to cultivate values give knowledge of rich cultural heritage of India and tap the talent and potential of our students through skit and dances in Inter School Activities. We provide a platform to our students where students participate at state and national level. e.g. VIVA Judo competition, Karate state Tournament, Edu heal Olympiad examinal unified, MSSA Judo competition, Olympiad examination.
In this way we look in to overall Holistic development of our students.
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