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Space Club - Antariksh
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To learn and make students aware about the topics of Astronomy and space science)  To actively engage and participate in activities undertaken by world renewed space organizations and to motivate and educate student about space and its mysteries . To foster scientific temperament amongst students and to create an intelligent ,  analytic and space savvy global community who will be the future leaders in man’s exploration of space and the universe in a world that is rapidly  heading to a space age.
Activities Undertaken
Visit to Nehru Science Centre, Kennedy Space Center
The club brings the student closer to the environment of astronomy based activities.
Space clubs inculcates scientific temper and love for science and environment amongst the students.
Motto of the Space Club - “Anything for Antariksh”
Organizing - Exhibition / Talk shows /awareness /competitions etc to promote the aims and objectives of the club
Aerospace & Science Discovery Camp
An “Aerospace and Science Discovery Camp was conducted by the Renowned Australian Science Educator, Sam Gibbs and his team at our school on Saturday 12 April 2014 for the students of Class III to X .

The core focus of the camp was learning essential STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) based principals by evading and engaging the students in varied hands on activities.
The camp was designed to combine a series of hands on and interactive activities with special demonstration that focus on the core principles of science which include the following:-
  • Newton’s laws of motion
  • The energy cycle and energy conversion work.
  •  Mass and energy relationships
  •  The electromagnetic spectrum
  •  Basic thermodynamics
  •  Properties of the visible spectrum
  •  Bernoulli’s principle
  •  Introduction to planetary science
  •  Introduction to cosmology
  •  Exploration of space and the international space station
  •  Astronomy
All activities were designed in such a way to help students develop their motor skills and mental focus. Our students who not only enjoyed learning by doing but also had a gala time among themselves!!
  Short Film on MANGAL YAAN by City International School, Mumbai
Indian Space Station announced a competition to celebrate the successful completion of “Mangalyaan or MoM Space mission by ISRO”. As a part of the competition, the students were encouraged to create a  5-minute video based on the data or some scenarios related to Mangalyaan. 

City International School, Mumbai participated in the above competition and have qualified. The entry is published on the and The students have developed an interesting 5-minute video and have given justice to the topic.

Please visit the link below to watch the video and give your vote!

You all are requested to motivate the painstaking efforts of our students by posting your valuable votes!
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